Music That Has Brought Me Out of the Depths

I was talking to my sweet friend Anna P. about Lizzo when she played me the songs that helped her through dark times. Though it was a joke, there is always a little bit of truth behind each “joke.” This time made me realize how much of a universal impact music has. Music transcends language, and it plays on emotions that we all feel, regardless of race, gender, origin, etc. Here are a few songs that have personally helped me in ~dark~ times.

1. "Pineapple Skies" (Miguel)

The line that stuck out to me when I first heard this song was “Everything gon’ be alright.” That message, sung by Miguel’s angelic voice, along with the calm nature of the song, helps to relax you.

2. "Somebody Loves You" (Betty Who)

On your worst days, being reminded that you’re still loved is one of the greatest things. If no one is around to tell you, Betty Who has got you! Seeing this song title pop up on my phone instantly brings me back down to Earth.

3. "Cheer Up" (Twice)

This song was first shown to me by a close friend, and ever since then it has acted as their voice when they aren’t around. One of the few English lines is “cheer up.” This obviously stuck out to me the first time I heard it alongside the happy, cheery beat. During my darkest times, this song made me feel like it was okay to smilethat it is a great thing to be happyeven in light of hard times.

4. "Sweet Creature" (Harry Styles)

Okay okay, I know not everybody loves Harry Styles as much as I do, but this song just gets me. The mellow guitar in the song helps portray a similar idea that Betty Who does; there is someone out there that loves and needs you.

5. "Truth Hurts" (Lizzo)

This song is an absolute classic and a staple in my friend group. At first listen, the song isn’t as sentimental as it seems, but once you experience the song at full volume with some of your best friends, you’ll understand it. Lizzo is all about self-empowerment and knowing you’re that b*tch. What else could you need when you’re down?

Music serves as a friend when one isn’t immediately around. It has the magical ability to carry memories and emotions in between the lines. Music is dependent upon experiences, as opposed to understanding the lyrics or having the ability to play one of the instruments. The first few beats of a song can take you back to that time in 3rd grade with your sister at the mall, or when you cried in the library from laughing too hard.