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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DePauw chapter.

On one Saturday each November, DePauw University and Wabash College meet on the field as one of college football’s oldest and most colorful rivalries. This game is filled with pride from DePauw and it shows in the spirit of outfits. People dress in various different outfits that shine on DePauw’s colors of black and gold or their mascot of the tiger. You don’t have to dress up for the big game, but it doesn’t hurt to put some thought into the outfits you will be wearing to the game. There is no dress code for the game, try to stick to the tiger colors! There are many things that you could wear to this school bash!

  1. Black and Yellow Striped Overalls 

Yes, that’s right, overalls are back in fashion and even more, they are fun and specific to DePauw’s colors, which proves your school spirit. 

  1. DePauw Styled Scarf

This is a perfect thing to wear to show your DPU pride, and since the weather is getting a bit colder on the verge of November, the scarf will also keep you warm. 

  1. Tie Dye Shirts

Tie-dying shirts can turn out to be so much fun as an activity and also create a super cute outfit. Tie-dying a shirt with the black and yellow colors or even just the one color could turn out to brighten up your outfit. 

Tip: Wear comfortable shoes. If you don’t want feet that are sore or achy after or during the game, keep around some comfortable footwear. Wearing sneakers, slides, or flats may be a little more comfortable for standing on your feet cheering.

Cassia McPhilliamy is a member of Hercampus Depauw and currently writes under the style section.