Molly Rinehart '16

Bump, set spike! What is fall without volleyball season? This week’s campus cutie is Molly Rinehart – a member of the DePauw women’s volleyball team here on campus. Thanks for meeting with my before practice! I am sure you have been super busy with the season underway so let us get right to the interview!

Her Campus: So Mol, if you had to fill out an, “About Me” page right now, what would you put on it? In detail, let our readers learn a bit about you before we delve into our interview!

Campus Cutie: Who me? Oh, I’m from Columbus, Indiana. Never heard of it? Huh, that’s weird. I play volleyball here at DePauw and I am an Alpha Phi. I’m majoring in Communications and minoring in Business Administration. I’m a country music freak - sometimes it’s a little embarrassing (laughs) - but hey I’m from southern Indiana, what do you expect? I’m slightly obsessed with Charlie Hunnam and the Sons of Anarchy the TV show. After watching all 7 seasons in a short time of 3 months, I’m convinced I am destined to marry a biker man (sorry Mom and Dad). And if I could spend my day in a dog pin surrounded by hundreds of dogs I would. Yeah, I’m that girl. 

HC: Oh you love dogs do you!? What is your favorite dog?

CC: Do I love dogs? You could say that I will be that crazy dog lady when I grow up. I’ve accepted that though and I am actually, I’m looking forward to it! I’m a huge advocate for animal adoption, so I am all about the mix breeds. Seeing as most dogs in shelters are Pit Bull mixes, I’d say those are my favorite. As long as they let me pet them, cuddle them and kiss them, I’m a fan! I like dogs, can you tell?

HC: I remember when you gave a presentation on Pit Bulls in a class we had together sophomore year! You even brought your dog in! What kind of dog do you have and what is his/her name?

CC: My main girl Chance. God love her. She is a Pit Bull mix that we rescued after they found her wondering the streets as a puppy. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and Chance is a pot of gold. She’s my best friend, no shame.

HC: I remember she was such a cutie! So what are some of your favorite activities to do outside in the fall with Chance?

CC: Well my family lives on a lake back in Columbus so Chance and I enjoy our evening boat rides around the lake. We also like car rides to Starbucks for a Skinny Vanilla Latte and a puppy cup (aka a small cup of whip cream for the pooch).

HC: I think I would like a puppy cup – I love whip cream ha-ha! Okay so going with the scheme of fall, let’s talk volleyball! I know you are currently injured so when you are cleared to play? And when you are cleared, what position will you play on the court?

CC: After being really sick for the past 6 months, I FINALLY GOT CLEARED TO PLAY! But because I was so sick, I was unable to work out during those 6 months. Meaning I am essentially starting from nothing, physically. But I am practicing, which is exciting! I play right side hitter but I play wherever Coach Zellers needs me!

HC: That is so great to hear! I am glad you are cleared and can’t wait to see you back on the court for your senior season! Is volleyball what brought you to DPU?

CC: Although volleyball wasn’t what got me interested in DePauw, it was a large contribution that influenced my decision to come here. I was deciding between here and the University of Missouri. It was basically one extreme (small, close to home, and playing volleyball) or the other (large, far away from home and not playing volleyball). I, obviously, chose playing volleyball vs not and I have yet to regret my decision of DePauw. There is something so empowering about telling someone you are a college athlete, even if it is only D3.

HC: D3 athletic dreams, I respect you for your hard work and dedication. What are some of the songs on the volleyball team’s warm up jams?

CC: Well, each player on the volleyball team has such a different taste in music so our playlist is all over the place. I of course requested some country songs, but that got shut down. We have some throwbacks like “My Chick Bad” by Ludacris, that’s always a classic. And, obviously we have Nicki Minaj on there! Love my girl Nicki!

HC: Who doesn’t love Luda and Nicki! I will look forward to hearing the warm up CD at the next home - tell our readers when it is so we can pack the stands!

CC: Our next home game is October 3rd at 2 p.m. against Oberlin. And senior day is Sunday October 11th at 2 p.m. Rally the troops!!

HC: Put that in your planner’s readers! I know I will be there. So what is something that no one else knows about you?

CC: Well let’s reword that question. “What is something that you want everyone to know about you?” Well, thanks for asking. I can’t stand listening to people eat. It doesn’t matter if you are chewing with your mouth open or closed; if I can hear you I am not happy. It makes eating meals around people really hard. And don’t get me started on chewing gum!! 

HC: Ha-ha noted on the gum chewing, remind me to get lunch with you tomorrow! Do you have any secret talents?

CC: I can stand on the tops of my toes? I don’t know if that’s a talent or not, but it usually freaks people out.

HC: I can’t say that I can stand on my toes so go you! Do you have a special someone currently or are you a single lady?


HC: Hear that gentlemen? So what do you look for in a man?

CC:  I like a man who can make me laugh. I pride myself on being hilarious (jk, but actually) and I need a man who can match my humor. Nothing better than finding a guy who you can bounce jokes off of. And if they are easy on the eyes with a nice smile, I don’t hate that.

HC: Ha-ha what if you met your perfect match and he didn’t love your dog?

CC: Then he isn’t my perfect match. Problem solved, not questions asked. K bye, see you never Sir.

HC: Alright folks, there you have it. Molly is an avid dog lover, Sons of Anarchy enthusiast, and loves people with good table manners. You can find her on the volleyball court! Thanks for sitting down with us Molly!