Molly Doehrmann '18

This week’s campus cutie is freshman and new member of Kappa Alpha Theta, Molly Doehrmann. She has had a great year on campus and can’t wait to come back in the fall and make new memories. Readers, meet Molly!

Her Campus: Hey Molly, tell our readers a little bit about yourself, what have you been involved in on campus?

CampusCutie: Hey Katie! Well first of all, I’m a Media Fellow which is a blast. I’ve also been on the Poms Team, and a DJ/Newscaster for WGRE. Oh and on Wednesdays, I volunteer to help with some of Debbie Grammel’s dance classes at the GCPA. I help with the little kids so that’s always fun. And sometimes I do yoga. That was a lie, I’ve only done it once this year. Also, I joined Theta. Woo-hoo!

HC: Oh wow, so you’ve had a good freshman year?

CC: My freshman year was the best year of my life so far. I have never been in a place where I connect with so many people like I do at DePauw. I made great friends, and I loved the classes I took. It was just totally awesome!

HC: Any regrets or things you wish you would have done?

CC: I wish that I had been more environmentally friendly. I really regret the amount of soda bottles I threw into the garbage can instead of the recycling bin. I also wish that I had never lofted my bed for many reasons. Tonight I unlofted it and I nearly busted my window and almost put a hole in the ceiling.

HC: Ha-ha, yikes! So do you have a favorite memory?

CC: All of the conversations I’ve had in my suite. I live at Hogate, and there is nothing like coming back to your suite after a stressful day and talking to your suitemates. Mine are absolutely hilarious and are all completely different. Getting to be friends with all of them is definitely my best memory.

HC: What will you miss the most?

CC: Being on my own schedule. When you’re at college, you get to do what you want and when you want to. You don’t have to ask for permission. Then I get home and I feel so weird. I’ll be like, “Hey Mom, I’ll be back in the morning,” and suddenly that doesn’t fly. I guess I’ll miss my freedom. That sounds so lame.

HC: No, I completely agree! Any summer plans?

CC: I will have my first official job as a nanny! I am very excited! My days will include myself and two kids…having fun at the Children’s Museum, going to the zoo, swimming at the pool. You know, doing what all cool nannies do. And I also get to go to a wedding and to the beach this summer!

HC: Sounds nice! Do you have a summer song?

CC: Oh I have got quite the poppin’ summer playlist. Right now I really like “Post to Be” by Omarion.

HC: Haha, sounds like a good one! So all our readers want to know if you’re single or taken?

CC: I am taken!

HC: Great, tell us a little bit about him!

CC: Well I’ve known him since kindergarten. On our first date we went to go see Monsters University and I knew he was the one! He goes to Purdue which is a totally different vibe than DePauw, but we’re doing just dandy!

HC: That’s great! What is it like having a boyfriend that doesn’t go to the same school?

CC: Well, ultimately I like it! It’s really important to my boyfriend and I that we are totally selfish when it comes to our college experiences. I want to be so involved with DePauw in every way that I can be, and I want to take every opportunity that I can. Next winter I’ll be going abroad to Greece, and during my junior year I’ll have a semester long internship, so Cameron is totally happy for me. He’s doing his thing at Purdue, and I’m doing my own thing here. And at the end of the day, I always know he supports me. Yeah I miss him a lot sometimes, but he visits me and I visit him. He makes me so happy!

HC: Aw, sounds like a good relationship. Anything in particular you are looking forward to next year?

CC: I look forward to living in a sorority house with my sisters!

HC: Yes, that will be fun! So, ultimately, did freshman year live up to your expectations?

CC: Well, I was really scared of college at first. I didn’t gain the freshman 15, nor did I do bad in my classes so I would say college has really exceeded my expectations! I consider myself lucky on account of how many times I went to Marvin’s this year.

HC: Thank you so much Molly, have a great summer!

CC: Thank you!

There you have it readers, Molly can’t wait to get more involved in her sorority next year and add to her already long list of activities!