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Meet the Exec: Senior Editor

This week, we’re meeting our Senior Editor, Kate Marburger! Kate is a senior English Writing major and Media Studies minor. She is from Newburgh, Indiana, and has been writing for Her Campus for four years.

Her Campus: Hi Kate! How are you?

Kate Marburger: I’m doing well, thanks!

HC: How’s your year been so far?

KM: It’s been good! I’ve been pretty busy, but I’m also just having a good time being on campus with my friends again.

HC: Senior scaries! What’s the best part been? Her Campus, I’m assuming??

KM: Of course, obviously. And I’m living in a duplex with two of my friends this year, and that’s been really fun—living on my own and having my own space while also getting to spend tons of time with friends.

HC: That sounds so adult-y! But very impressive. So, I hear you’ve been heavily involved in Her Campus for years now. What do you love so much about it?

KM: I love getting a chance to write about relevant topics on campus or really anything I feel like writing about. And I love that we’re so open to all sorts of writing backgrounds. 

HC: Being Senior Editor sounds really stressful! Do you want to share your favorite de-stressing routine? We’re all about some self-care!

KM: De-stressing routine? Never heard of it, maybe I should get one of those. But really, if I’m feeling too stressed I’ll just watch a little bit of Netflix or I’ll journal to sort out my thoughts.

HC: Damn, girl. You must never stop writing. We love it! Hope you have a great year!!

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