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Maximize Your Potential: 3 Areas of DePauw to Explore

Maximize Your Potential: 3 Areas of DePauw to Explore
By Margaux Fleschler

In college, we are often presented with so many opportunities that choosing which ones to participate in can be overwhelming! The good news is that there are activities for collegiettes with all sorts of tastes and preferences, plus the option to start something new (whether you see a demand for it or just want to share something you love). For those who are new to the scene of being hyper-involved, here are some things I recommend taking advantage of!

The Proper Professional
Honors programs are excellent resources on campus even if you aren’t a member! Many times, free lectures and networking opportunities are open to the public and provide students of all ages with the opportunity to talk with experts in their field about college careers, the future and professional advice, or even about potential internships. So, you may be wondering how you can find out about these opportunities (if everyone knew about them, wouldn’t they be packed?) It’s simple! Emails with big events such as internship career fairs are sent out by DePauw Weekly to all students… you just have to take the time to read them! For your more specific interests, such as management or science, pay a visit to the office receptionist or look online for a schedule of speakers and workshops that are open to everyone. After all, what’s the worst thing that could come out of sitting and listening to valuable advice while eating free food?

The Generous Volunteer
Giving back to the local community and student body is a big item at DePauw; in fact, it’s so big that there are a number of ways to get involved! Clubs such as Building Tomorrow, Alpha Phi Omega, College Mentors for Kids, and Best Buddies are only some examples of excellent organizations that could use your help today. Greek Life is also a fantastic resource for your philanthropic goals. Fraternities and sororities on campus all have specific philanthropies that they support through fundraising and social events. These events are open to everyone, and are usually advertised all around campus on sheet signs, posters, and by street chalking. Even if you aren’t Greek affiliated, or don’t belong to a club or organization, you are always encouraged to attend these events and donate your time for a good cause!

The Resourceful Pastime-r
All work and no play? Not at this school! If you have some free time, pick up an intramural sport with friends, walk (or run!) through DePauw’s Nature Park, or visit some fine local dining establishments such as Almost Home or Green Apple Frogurt! Got wheels? Reward yourself with a mani- pedi (I recommend T&T Nails by Monicals), relax on the water at Raccoon Lake, or go shopping in Indianapolis! Do I hear “day trip?”

In the end, getting involved on campus academically, professionally, and socially will benefit you in more ways than you expect. So ask your friends, classmates, and teachers about fun upcoming events, and go! Maximize your potential and have fun being a triple threat!

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