Looking Ahead: What to Look Forward to in Spring

With the recent warm weather we’ve had and the temperate week coming to us as February ends, does this mean that winter’s coming to a close as well? It just might (although around here, you never know). As much as I love warm sweaters, hot chocolate, and the holiday season, I can't deny the excitement of the transition to spring. Here at DePauw, there’s plenty to look forward to as we move out of winter. 

Warm Weather = Spring Clothing!

Ah, our trusty winter coat. As much as we’ve loved lugging you around and appreciated your ability to keep out the fiercest of winter breezes, it’s about time for us to take a break from each other. Now, we get to break out our t-shirts and Birkenstocks (or any other lightweight shoe of your choice). Travel lighter and bring that fun spring wardrobe out of your closet.

Visits to Dairy Castle and Scoops

The opening of Dairy Castle points to the beginning of spring all by itself. It just opened up this week, and getting ice cream on that 70-degree-day we had made me feel like it was May, not February. If you’re looking to get your ice cream fix a bit closer by, you can also make the walk down to Scoops! This spring, we have two choices for where to satisfy your sweet tooth. Life is good.

Outdoor Studying

Winter weather makes walking outside an unpleasant experience, not to mention having to sit outside for long periods of time. With the impending warmer weather and hopefully sunny days will come the opportunity to do your studying in the great outdoors. Whether you prefer sitting outside East College or in Stewart Plaza, make sure to get your books and pencils and take advantage of the warm weather!