The Life of An RA: Lauren Kaylor

This week, I had the opportunity to interview Lauren Kaylor, a junior at DePauw and an RA on BR 3. We talked about her experience as an RA and how it has impacted her as a person.

Her Campus: Why did you decide to be an RA?

Lauren Kaylor: I first applied for the job my freshman year. While money was definitely an incentive, I think the main reason is that I have always been drawn to leadership positions, and I have a big passion for helping people. I think that people that decide to do this have to love doing it. While money might be an incentive, I think that this job takes so much time and patience that is not worth doing if you do not enjoy it. Anyway, I felt like being an RA would be good fit with me. I applied and got the job. I was an RA in Longden last year (my sophomore), and I am in BR this year (my junior). It is incredibly rewarding to help out freshmen and be there for them like my RAs were there for me.

HC: What did the application process look like?

LK: I filled out the application, which contained some short essay questions along with personal information. After that, I had an in-person interview, followed by a group evaluation, the purpose of which was to see my ability to work with others.

HC: Do you enjoy the work?

LK: Definitely. I love doing this, and I attribute a lot of my personal growth to this job. Another great aspect of it is that I have met a lot of incredible people, from the freshmen that live on my floor to other RAs and staff members.

HC: What is the most enjoyable part?

LK: Helping people and being sort of a big sister to the freshmen on my floor. I love being their voice of reason. I also really enjoy talking to them – everyone is really interesting.

HC: What is the biggest challenge?

LK: Whenever there is a bigger problem, that takes a lot of time to deal with. How much of a challenge it is usually depends on what floor you are on and what the people that live there are like.

HC: Do you mind living in the freshman dorms again?

Lauren Kaylor: I have lived in the freshman dorms every single year at DePauw so far. I lived in Lucy my freshman year, and then in Longden, and now BR. I actually really like it, because I get my own room and a lot of personal space. However, I will not be a freshman RA next year, so I can live somewhere else on campus for a change.