Life in Neverland: Make Finals Magical

There comes a point during Finals Week that you tell yourself it’s okay to give up and check out. Don’t let today be that day! Some of our beloved Disney characters have some words of advice for those of you hidden in a corner of Roy O. studying for that terrible cumulative exam or writing a paper you maybe should have started last week.

So turn on some Disney instrumental music (my personal favorite for studying) and check out this motivation and some tips for the upcoming week.

…OK and to procrastinate for a few minutes

And coffee, and studying, and maybe some sleep

We’re a family here at DePauw, so be sure to check in on your friends. Keep an eye out for one another if they seem over-stressed. Help each other relax with fun study breaks at Starbucks, watch your favorite show on Netflix (limit to one episode…or two) or just chat!

And that conscience will tell you, “Don’t cheat.” Plagarism, copying others work, and taking advantage of classmates’ efforts to group projects isn’t cool.

It’ll lift you up the moment you turn in that exam, paper, or project! The rewarding feeling after is so worth it!

But try to save a bit more in your long-term memory than Dory can!

The best work takes time. Don’t rush, and the effort you give will pay off

You go to DePauw, you must be smart! Have pride in your work and believe in yourself  [cue the Disney ballad]


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