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Lessons from the Mosaic TikTok Trend

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DePauw chapter.

I’ll admit it…. I spend way too much time on TikTok. I always open the app with the intent of spending a few minutes on it, but then look up and find that an hour has already passed. Although watching these videos can be addicting, not all my time is wasted. Some videos make us laugh. Some relate to us. And some share some really great advice.

Out of the thousands of trends on TikTok, I remember scrolling and finding one specific trend that has really stuck with me: the mosaic trend. It is when a person gives examples of behaviors or things that they do because of someone else. 

For example: 

I learned to braid my hair because my kindergarten teacher braided mine every day before recess. I got over my fear of dogs because a family friend introduced me to his sweet German Shepherds. I say “Wed-nes-day” when spelling Wednesday, because that’s what my mom always did it. That’s my mosaic. 

What this trend implies is that we are all a mosaic of the people we have met, activities we have participated in, and experiences that have shaped our lives. We all carry pieces of our past with us as we move on to our futures. Friends from high school, traditions from our hometown, moments from our childhood. We’re a living memory of everything and everyone that has ever mattered to us – even for just a second. In the little actions or behaviors we do, you can see others in us. 

This trend reminds us to be intentional about the people we surround ourselves with. As we spend more time with them, we start adopting some of their habits Keep asking yourself what exactly you want to be in your mosaic. What pieces of people, activities, and experiences will build yours? It’s important to be intentional as you continue to build not only your mosaic but also the ones for the people around you. 

Knowing the impact others have on us, we must consider the impact we leave on others. How do we add to the mosaic of families . . . friends . . . even strangers? Little moments can make the biggest impact. Say good morning. Smile at strangers. Thank someone and really mean it. We must try to make the mosaic for others beautiful too. 

I feel so grateful to have been able to build my mosaic from the people, activities, and experiences from my hometown.

My mosaic may not always be perfect, but it will always be uniquely mine. So, I’m excited to add pieces to mine as I continue these next few years at DePauw.

Hey, I'm KP! I'm in the class of 2025 at DePauw pursuing my interests in business through the Management Fellows Program. I write for the Features section of DePauw's HerCampus.