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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DePauw chapter.

It seems surreal that my college journey is coming to an end. It wasn’t easy, nor were there only happy moments. However, I will always look back at these years and cherish everything I accomplished and how much I have grown. Not only did I get the chance to travel the world, but I also met some pretty amazing people that I hope to keep close to my heart for years to come. One thing I regret is not living in the moment. I remember having a lot of stress and doubting my ability to get to the next day, but I always made it. It was always possible. Now here I am, two more classes to go, and then I’m done forever. It’s a weird thought, but I’d like to take this time to point out a few things I am grateful for that have played a big role in my life.

My Humbabes

These three amazing women were my first friends on campus, living right across the hall (Humbert 4, woo). They quickly became my ride or die. Words can’t explain how much they mean me and how much they have contributed to my growth over the last four years. Through the bad and the good, different social circles and interests, they were always there. All the love in the world to Kaitlyn Malley, Kate Marburger and Bridget Donnelly.


I started my first radio show ever with WGRE from 4-6 a.m. and eventually worked my way to a 6 p.m. shift. Not long after, I got to be a part of their promotions team, where I was promoted to a director after one semester! This heavily contibuted to me getting my big girl job at 97.1 HANK FM, where I couldn’t be happier. I still have a radio show with WGRE even though I’m only part time; you gotta save time for the things that matter.

DePauw Theatre

DePauw’s theatre program was and is everything. I met some of the most amazing people I’ll ever know in plays as well as improv club. It was the place I could completely and utterly be myself. I could voice my opinions and frustrations. Never in my life had I been in a more accepting atmosphere. I am grateful for all the plays I acted in, directed, or even wrote. I’ll never forget a single moment.

Jennifer Adams

Jen. Jen Adams. I owe her everything. She was my freshman seminar advisor and then continued to be a mentor of mine, as her door was always open. She was able to keep me sane in my most frantic moments and taught me so much about the communication field. She saw my potencial before I could believe in myself, and I owe a big part of my success to her. I would never have left campus my senior year for a job if she did not push me. I also had the pleasure of joining her in Amsterdam for the Netherlands trip, which was life-changing to say the least. DePauw would have been very different without a professor with such dedication and care.

The Travels

During my time at DePauw, I got the opportunity to travel five times! I went all around the Netherlands learning about art, history and culture. I went to the Universidad de Málaga in Spain where I stayed with a host family whom I stay in touch with to this day. I worked with the Peace Players in Ireland and the most amazing children that will soon become our future. I learned about history and culture in Morocco and Greece, where I met friends that will stay with me forever, and Italy, where I got to meet parts of my family I never knew before. Out of everything, this is my biggest accomplishment that I could never be thankful enough for. Not only did it contribute immensly to my growth, but it also let me experience the world.

This is my last article. This is my goodbye. Lastly, thank you to Her Campus for letting my creative edge shine and giving me a voice in this crazy thing we call life.

Freshman at Depauw University.
Hi, my name is Bridget! I'm a Peace and Conflict Studies major with Philosophy and Asian Studies minors. I love writing about my friends, personal growth, social justice, and of course, all things Bachelor/Bachelorette!