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A Kaleidoscope of colors and patterns

Photos by: Maria Rummel

Hello Ladies! Spring is in the air and I know you are itching to get out of your jeans and sweaters and into something colorful and new! Fashion Blog is here to give you the latest colors, cuts, and patterns you will be seeing in spring 2014!

I love to think of this season as a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns. The jewel like colors are much more opaque compared to the light pastels of the past spring trends. Breaking the typical pastel trend is making me even more excited for this fashion season!

You can see these colors boldly on skater skirts, shift dresses, and crop tops or scattered together in patterns.

The patterns I’ve seen trending so far are watercolor, florals, and graphic collaged prints.

Many of these layered on top of each other in flowing iridescent fabrics, such as chiffon.

My newest favorite designer, Custo Barcelona, has taken the simple shift dress and paired it with these amazing patterns of digital artwork. Check out more of his designs on his retail website to get inspired for the fashion to come and maybe even buy some of his! There are actually some good deals on dresses right now! 

I am a Style Blog writer for Depauw Her Campus, along with the publicity team to keep the Depauw girls up to date!
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