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Jonathan Azar ’18

Check out this week’s Campus Cutie Jonathan Azar! We cozied up with Jonathan to talk about life as a first year, his love life and hot fashion tips to stay warm this winter!

Her Campus: Let’s start out with some basic info! Let our readers know where you are from and what do you like do on campus!

Campus Cutie: I’m a first year Economics major from Munster, Indiana. I play baseball for DePauw and I am a pledge of Delta Tau Delta.

HC: Wow sounds like you are staying pretty busy! With midterms coming up, where do you plan on studying? Are you more of a Roy guy, or a Julian man?

CC: I am more of a second floor Roy guy myself, but occasionally I hit the books at Meyers Market.

HC: Very fun, really hitting two birds with one stone by studying at Meyers! What’s your order?

CC: Definitely Italian.

HC: The walk to Meyers is pretty far, how do you stay warm?

CC: I like to rock the patriotic beanie. I also let my hair grow out in the water. It’s actually a cycle; I grow my hair out all winter for warmth, and then in March, I cut it all off for baseball season. 

HC: With baseball coming up, I’m sure you won’t have too much free time, but I’ll go ahead and ask the question that ladies are dying to know: Are you single?

CC: Yes, I am single.

HC: So what is your ideal campus date at DePauw?

CC: Wow. That’s a tough one! Probably a nice walk through East College and we could look at all the pictures.

HC: That’s a pretty short date!

CC: But then we would walk around East College five times one way and then reveres and go five times the other way to balance it out.

HC: You are a man that pays attention to detail, women can appreciate that. What qualities does a girl need to have in order to go on this romantic East College date?

CC: She needs to be somewhat interested in sports. She should be caring and intellectual so we can have canny conversations about life and the world!

HC: Alright. Last question. The real deal breaker. Beyoncé or Rihanna?

CC: Beyoncé.

HC: Great answer! I think you would have lost many suitors if you weren’t a Bey-liever. It has been wonderful meeting you and we all look forward to seeing you walking around campus or East College!  Thanks for stopping by Jonathan!




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