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Jackson Shinkle ’20

This week I was able to meet up with sophomore Jackson Shinkle. You may have seen him around campus wearing either a white, blue, or pink large fuzzy hat. 

HerCampus: Hi Jackson, how are you today?

Jackson: I’m doing pretty great, thanks.

HC: I’ve seen you around campus wearing these hats, could you tell me a little about them?

J: Absolutely. Well, to get down to it they're warm, colorful, and last year I was able to give away some of them to people around campus.

HC: That’s so cool, they totally look warm. How did you get them, because they're not like anything I’ve seen in a store.

J:  What a keen eye, no, they are not store bought. My great-aunt makes them and sends them back to school with me.

HC: That’s incredibly nice of her!

J: Yeah, it’s pretty great.

HC: So, do you just have the few hats I’ve seen around?

J: She sent a ton of hats actually.

HC: And what did you do with them?

J: I don’t keep all of my hats, I give them away. In fact, I gave about 10 away last winter alone. However, I feel like I could make a profit, so now I’m selling them for $10 a piece.

HC: And are there color options?

J: In stock right now are blue, purple, many reds, and a white.

HC: What are the benefits to owning one of these hats?

J: Good hair, good health, good life.

HC: Alright Jackson, thank you so much for this interview. Good luck with the hat business!

J: Absolutely, thank you!

If you're interested in owning one of these fancy hats, contact Jackson at (573) 330-2583!


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