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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DePauw chapter.

Recently, a social media account connected to DePauw posted on Instagram about “scouting the class of 2025.” I do not need to give more detail, because this account does not deserve more attention. It simply warrants criticism.


I know I am speaking on behalf of other students when I say we are angry. We are angry that fellow students do not acknowledge our concern for safety. We are angry that our administration did nothing to punish the account for its comments. We are angry that this account, and those who commented on the post, are already acting predatorily toward our incoming freshmen. We are angry that the account has apologized that students “took it the wrong way.” This apology fails to reach my ears because it focuses on self-protection before supporting the students whom it offended. Our feelings are valid, and yet they were dismissed.


Sexual predators are alive and well on college campuses. I see it more visibly because I am a woman, but more importantly because I am listening to my female friends. We have conversations about men to avoid because of their comments or actions. Please don’t misunderstand: we are not searching for reasons to criticize fellow students. But when I hear that a male colleague of mine got upset because he “isn’t used to hearing no,” I get chills. When someone I considered a friend has multiple sexual assault allegations against him, I lose trust in our friendship. When I hear jokes about roofies, and when I hear a friend’s personal story of rape on campus, I know that I have a reasonable fear. The reality is that women, and other vulnerable students, have these conversations as a matter of protection.


I am not writing this to accuse anyone. You will not hear me say that “all men are bad” or “your friends are responsible,” because I don’t know you and your friends. What I do know is that I am much more likely to see and experience rape culture as a woman. Please listen. Please protect your friends, and call out the people making negative comments or acting inappropriately. No joke is worth making other students feel unsafe.

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