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Is an IPSY Glam Bag Subscription Worth It?

Today, mail subscription services are all the rage. Subscriptions range from magazines, snacks, clothing, succulents, and makeup. Not to mention, each subscription company promises a variety of things, many which are different from their competitors. How do you pick?

I have been a subscriber to IPSY for almost two years, and here are the reasons why I picked IPSY over other brands.

Personalized Products

When you first subscribe to IPSY, you take a beauty quiz. It has questions about makeup products, skill level, skin type, hair type, etc. This helps the IPSY team pick five products each month that you can use, and that fit your profile. Recently, subscribers have had the option to pick one of their five samples, and then the rest are selected by the team. Having a say in what products you receive makes it fun! Plus, each month has a theme that comes with a super cute reusable makeup bag!

Product Reviews

After you receive your products, you get to review them. This gives the IPSY team even more insight as to what kind of products and shades you like. Be detailed in your reviews! The more you write, the better. You have five months to review the bag before it is archived. Plus, each review you make gives you bonus points, which can be redeemed for extra products.

Major Discounts

Being a subscriber gives you access to IPSY flash sales and discount codes that can be used off of IPSY’s main website! As a member, you can purchase products for over 50% off on the website, and over 10% at other participating websites. Also, when you purchase directly from IPSY, you get free shipping. These things are not offered to those who don’t subscribe.

Multiple Plans

One thing I like about IPSY is that there are multiple plans that subscribers can choose from. The standard plan, the Glam Bag, is a once a month subscription with five sample products. Then there is the Glam Bag Plus, which has full size products. Finally, there is the Glam Bag Ultimate, which features 8 full sized products and also bonus items. Each plan varies in price and also frequency. Non-subscribers also have the option of purchasing one, but then they don’t receive the other benefits mentioned above.

I like the standard plan because getting samples allows me to try out a product before I go all in and buy a full size. Also, most of the time the samples are pretty big! I have received mini-pallets and full sized lipsticks several times!

I love my IPSY subscription, but getting a perfect mix of items takes time! The more detailed you are in the product reviews, and the more you update your beauty preferences, the more likely you are to have an enjoyable experience! In short, if you are thinking about subscribing, I would say to go for it! 

Emily Scharf

DePauw '24

Emily is a vocal performance major at DePauw University! She loves all things creative, fun, and musical.
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