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This International Women’s Day, Show a Little Love to the Person in the Mirror

With International Women’s Day fast approaching, I’m sure everyone is thinking about all the women that have inspired them throughout their lives. Women all over the world will be feeling inspired by their moms, peers, historical figures, celebrities or even women they see passing by. But with all this love and sense of inspiration in the air, why not show the person in the mirror a little love?Every day we look in the mirror and, no matter how hard we try, something will probably feel wrong. I speak from experience: even on my best days, I never see a perfect reflection looking back at me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate anything about me, but I know that it is hard to meet the unrealistic expectations I have set for myself.

I look in the mirror before going out every day. I usually check my hair, my outfit and my makeup, and I make sure I look put together. It’s a daily part of my routine. Even though “nobody cares in college,” and it’s a time to be stylistically unique, I’m still aware of the gazes that I get throughout the day.

But with International Women’s Day focusing on empowerment, why not take this opportunity to empower not only the women that inspire you, but also to empower yourself??

Look in the mirror! Every day you get up, face the world head on, conquer so many obstacles, and look FLAWLESS doing it. I know that it’s hard to look in the mirror and compliment yourself, but you do amazing things all day, and you deserve to applaud yourself for it. Look at the women that inspire you the most: odds are they are strong, determined, hard-working and much more. But so are you! Not only would the others in your life probably agree, but also the people that look to you as a role model just as you look up to the women in your life.

This International Women’s Day, and every day, look in the mirror and acknowledge how unabashedly cool you are. :)

Detroit Vs. Everybody Biochem Major Lover of all things gluten free :)
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