An Insight Into an Independent Student’s Life

Braelyn Means is a sophomore at DePauw University from Brazil, Indiana. She is currently undecided on her major but she is interested in languages and women studies. She has a beloved white and gray cat named Millie. Braelyn is a music lover especially for classics and alternative songs. In her free time, she enjoys reading books she discovers at Goodwill, especially science fiction. Braelyn is also an independent student at DePauw, here is an insight into the independent life style. 


HC: Why did you choose to be an independent?

BM: Honestly, I literally could not make myself care about things like Greek Life. DePauw has a large Greek Life presence, but I could just never see myself joining and living in a sorority. I am an independent person, so naturally I was attracted to continuing my college experiences outside of a sorority house.


HC: Do you feel like anything is missing from your college experience by being independent?

BM: Honestly, no I am still enjoying myself and seeing all of my friends like normal. I really feel like I am able to enjoy my time more because I am living at my own pace.


HC: Do you feel there is an easy support/transition from freshman to sophomore year?

BM: I feel like it is much easier transitioning as an independent because I already have lived in a dorm and the dynamic is very easy. If I were to move into a sorority house it would be so stressful because it is a whole new environment.


HC: Do you have friends in any sorority houses?

BM: No, the people I consider my close friends are also independent, so it is really nice.


HC: What do you do outside of classes?

BC: I typically spend my time reading new science fiction novels I discover, while also spending time with my cat, Millie. I spend a good amount of time with friends and just hanging out too.


HC: How do the sophomore dorms compare to freshman dorms?

BM: It is the same environment, they are not very different from each other. 


HC: Is there anything you would change about your current college experience?

BM: Haha the price! But beyond that not really I enjoy my classes, my environment and my free time.


HC: Has the presence of sorority/fraternity life had a positive or negative influence on your college experience?

BM: I am left relatively unaffected by its presence. However, I would describe it as kind of like high school because at times its pretty noticeable that its very clicky. Like for example, as a freshman you could not even go to a fraternity house for a few months without the fear of being blacklisted if you were considering to rush. However, for me personally I am not really bothered by it more just wondering why it is so big to some people.