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Kate Shipley, senior, stands classy in her neutral high heels branded with a touch of sass.For all of you that thought tattoos were only for burly bikers you thought wrong. Shipley got her tattoo this summer with her sister, each of them wear their mother’s signature sign- off on the arch of their heel.  
Shipley says it was a bonding experience and that she “won’t grow out of it because it’s so personal and meaningful.”


Kate Merkel, senior, has always wanted a tattoo; it just took finding the perfect quote in a magazine to encourage her to take the plunge.  Her left rib is marked delicately with the French words, “I regret nothing”. Merkel can’t say that the phrase is 100% true, but it serves as a small reminder that that’s how she wants to live, “I don’t ever want to loose out on anything.” She also has another tattoo located on her right inner ankle of a four leaf clover that is also pictured. 
-Arielle Brosman

Caitie McKinley, a sophmore musical school student, shows her love and passion for music with a treble clef imprinted on the back of her neck. That tattoo is a symbol of her love for music and singing.
-Karen Block

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