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We all love a good accessory.  That is, honestly, a fact.  Those hoop earrings can take you from “I didn’t get any sleep last night” to “I’m going to be a CEO one day.” Adding a simple belt can pull together an entire outfit.  


Here’s a list of all my fav accessories I have saved in my Forever 21 shopping cart. I’ll probably never buy them… but they’re so affordable, I might.  


Have you ever really felt like putting your ‘adulting’ tasks to the side and just reliving your childhood again? I do.  Like, all the time.  If you’re like me (which I’m guessing you are… we’re in college, this is way too much pressure), then good news! BUTTERFLY CLIPS ARE BACK. This is a super cute way to accessorize with your outfit, add a pop of color, and get those 90s baby feels back.  Link here!


Okay, I said what I said about butterfly clips.  I don’t know how often I’d wear them, but for $2.99 an addition to your hair accessory collection isn’t bad.  If you’re not feeling the vibe but still wanna relive your childhood, pick up a pack of barrettes.  You can get them in all different colors from Amazon, but also a more ‘adult-y’ version from Forever 21.  You can keep your hair pulled back, add a little bit of youth, all while looking professional with this leopard print barette linked here

A trend I think we’ve all taken note of recently is the Western vibe that’s been circulating.  It might be a little done by now… but don’t lie, James Charles’ Western look at Coachella is still in the back of our minds (whether you like it or hate it).  An easy way to pump up your simple pair of jeans is by adding a ~western inspired~ belt, linked here.  

And, of course, we can’t forget about the OG accessory— jewlery .  There’s a jewel out there for every vibe you’re going for. It can be classy like this necklace set, or fun like this one. Whatever your vibe, Forever 21 is always my go-to stop for inexpensive, fun, up to date accessories.  In fact, here’s a screenshot of just a few of the different things you can find! 

Alright, ladies and gents, that’s all I have for you today on how to find inexpensive accessories to go with every outfit.  


And no, this post was not sponsored by Forever 21; I just like inexpensive finds.  

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