The Importance of Scrunchies

         The '90s are back in fashion, and with them come scrunchies. There are many important functions of the scrunchie. Compared to the plain black, brown, blonde or red elastic bands, scrunchies serve as the superior to all hair accessories. Scrunchies have many benefits and are totally worth the investment—seriously, you can buy a pack of eight at Target for $6! Everybody is wearing scrunchies, but if you still need some convincing, here are five reasons scrunchies are important to your style.

1. It is good for your hair  

         Unlike elastic ponytail holders, scrunchies are less likely to snap and break hair. Due to their soft fabric and more versatile design, scrunchies will not get caught in your hair and cause breakage. They come in a variety of different fabrics as well and are much more likely to compliment your hair type. With the recent changes in weather, your hair might be affected due to the humidity; well, you are in luck, because a silk scrunchie is right for you.

2. They can turn a bad hair day into a great hair day    

         If you cannot figure out what to do with your hair for the day, or your hair is acting up again, scrunchies can accommodate all hair crises. You can create a cute playful vibe with a vibrant-colored high pony, a professional sophisticated look with a low pony and dark scrunchie, or even a boho-inspired look with your favorite patterned scrunchie and a messy top bun. Just grab your scrunchie and in less than two minutes, your hair is tamed and your outfit in on point.

3. Add an extra pop of color to your outfit    

         Scrunchies come in a variety of different colors, patterns, designs, and fabrics. You can most definitely find a scrunchie that will assist in accentuating your outfit to the fullest. When wearing an outfit with many colors, a solid-colored scrunchie can come in handy to make a color pop out. A scrunchie will add a splash of fun and can reveal a playful side to the clothes you are wearing.

4. They make for great accessories   

         If you do not want to wear your hair up for the whole day, you can still use a scrunchie to compliment your outfit. Scrunchies make for the best accessories. By wearing one, or a few, on your wrist, it still provides the color and desired look for your outfit. Even better, say you do want to eventually put your hair up later—a scrunchie on the wrist is on call. 

5. You're less likely to lose them than an elastic holder

         How many times have you had to track down a friend just to ask for a ponytail holder? How many wrists have you looked at to ask for permission to borrow one? Those silly little elastic holders are constantly getting lost, even though you bought a pack of 24 a week ago. A scrunchie's bright colors and larger size make it harder to lose and easier to find. Plus, you can buy a cheap binder ring and collect all your scrunchies on one.