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Honestly, college is super freaking stressful. The fact that we’re back on campus is both exciting and nerve-wracking. I think we can all relate to this right now especially with everything back in full swing. I really just feel like a freshman in college again. So hopefully, with this article it will help readers realize that you are not alone. Every single one of my friends have been worried about COVID-19 and the struggles it will bring. Not to mention, that my campus in particular is kind of acting like it doesn’t exist anymore. It is both frustrating and a sigh of relief for me personally.

On one hand I get to see my friends whenever I want. I also get to do a lot more social activities that I can catch up on from last year. Not to mention, in person classes are amazing because you can finally talk to the professors around you. But at the same time if I am not comfortable with a classroom situation or a situation around campus I cannot go confide in the COVID task force to help me anymore. Is it laziness? No it’s purely discomfort and the vast population is reverting back to normal even though the delta variant is on the rise still. Honestly, I have found this thought process a little ridiculous. Given the fact that COVID is still a disease that is affecting thousands of people here. There is a vaccine yes but I know personally this just adds to my stress and makes me not want to work on assignments anymore. Yes I know this is a bit of an overreaction to some people, but with COVID I knew a couple people who passed away because of it. I just don’t want the same thing happening to people I know here.

Ultimately, the unknown is terrifying. There are pros and cons to everything in this life. What you choose to do about your stress and make yourself safe is crucial. With school stress and COVID stress right on top of it, it almost seems unbearable at times. Hopefully there will be a way to solve these issues in the near future. I’m not sure how much more of this I can take personally. My stress levels are at an all time high right now and sometimes it feels like I’m drowning.

I am a sophomore at DePauw University, I love swimming and occasionally playing tennis. I have a dog and I am from Franklin, IN.
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