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We all know Valentine’s Day is an extremely commercialized “holiday” that just makes people who don’t have a significant other feel bad. Personally, I will be dealing with this as well and it’s all about loving yourself and caring for your own needs. I mean, honestly, life is stressful enough without another person breathing down your neck telling you what to do and where to go. If anything, you can take this day as a relaxing day to celebrate the fact that you know you won’t get into a fight with a significant other for not appreciating you enough. So this article is all about suggestions in how to kick back and relax on V-day.

  1. Draw yourself a bath or take an extra-long shower. Life is hard and stressful throughout the regular working day. Let your muscles relax or even cry in the shower. There is absolutely no shame in shedding some tears in the shower, that’s the most relaxing spot to cry in. If you’re drawing yourself a bath, put a bath bomb in there or bubbles and put ice packs over your eyes. Just try to forget about the world for a while and focus on yourself feeling rested and relaxed.
  2. Share a bottle of wine with friends or alone. Even though Valentine’s Day is on a Monday there is no shame in popping open a bottle to relax. Get some friends together and laugh with each other so you don’t feel as lonely. Or if they all have significant others, do it by yourself. Throw some chocolate or ice cream in there with the mix, I promise it is more rejuvenating that it sounds. Watch some tv and get online to order something nice for yourself while you’re at it. Depending on how stressful your day has been, it’s okay to splurge a bit.
  3. Go to bed early. I know for a fact you have late nights constantly, so you need your rest. Go to bed at 9pm and get a fuzzy blanket to sleep with. Do whatever it takes to get more rest and shut eye. You deserve it. I know stress and life can make you not sleep. At least I haven’t been sleeping well recently. But it’s okay to take tonight for yourself and turn your phone on do not disturb a little earlier than usual.

I know Valentine’s Day is rough for a lot of people, it’ll probably be difficult for me. The main way to take your mind off of things is distraction. Distraction can help heal a broken heart. I hope these suggestions can make this Monday easier. Take care of yourself, you deserve it.

I am a sophomore at DePauw University, I love swimming and occasionally playing tennis. I have a dog and I am from Franklin, IN.
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