How to Get Through a Long School Day

I don't know about you guys, but I have had a lot of long school days this semester. My day starts at 6:45am, and I do not get done with all my extracurricular activities until around 8pm. Being a DePauw student, I can imagine that I am not alone in this affair. Do not fret: below I will list five ways to get through these terrible days (yes, I made a rhyme to lighten the mood).

1.  Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Need a pick-me-up? Don’t forget to drink your coffee. It will give you the caffeine and energy that you will need to conquer the day. Not a coffee drinker? Do not fret, you can get your fix from tea, Red Bull, or whatever you like best!

2.  20-minute nap

Try and set aside 20 minutes for yourself. With this 20 minutes, I would prefer to take a nap. It is proven that a 20-minute nap can give you extra energy for the day. But if you would rather watch Netflix or read, do it! 

3.  Daily Dove

I have a thing I like to call “Daily Dove.” I have a jar full of Dove chocolates, and I eat one a day. Inside they have little sayings, and it makes me smile to see what they say. Just to make your day a little better.

4.  Water

You should know how important it is to hydrate! Don’t forget to get enough water, especially during your busy days. Staying hydrated is proven to make you feel less tired and give you more energy.

5.  Comfort Snacks

There is nothing wrong with treating yourself with your favorite snacks. Busy days can be stressful and exhausting, and snacking is a way to keep your energy going and give you more positives in your day.

I hope all of these help you out on your busiest days. College can be over whelming and make you feel over-worked; just remember that there is always time to rest and drink some water. Stay positive, and have a great day!