How to Brighten Up a Rainy Day

They say that April showers bring May flowers, but they don’t ever say how you are supposed to dress for those rainy spring days. This past week on campus has been a series of cloudy skies. It is easy to let the weather get the best of your mood, especially when you forget to wear a hood and end up looking like a wet rat by the time you get to your class. However, I’m here now to tell you how you can stay cute and dry despite all this rain. Don’t let puddles get in the way of you being the stylish queen you are.

Colorful Rain Boots

Not only are rain boots practical, but they are sooo cute. If you pick a bright color like yellow or pink, then you will also have a little reminder to stay cheerful despite the gray skies. Plus, you will be able to jump in all the puddles on the way to class without your socks being soaked for the whole lecture. These specific boots are from Hunter but there are plenty of ways you can replicate this look on a budget.

Clear Umbrella

These umbrellas are so cool! Not only are they sleek and simple, but they also allow you to pull the umbrella over your head and actually keep the rain from dripping on you while being able to see. These have gotten really popular over the past couple years, and for good reason. Sometimes when the rain is really pouring, a rain jacket is not enough, but that doesn’t mean that we can just sit inside all day (unfortunately). The best part is that these umbrellas are super affordable. The one I've linked is only $14.99 on Amazon.

Sleek Rain Jacket

Finally, everyone needs a good rain jacket if they are going to make it through the spring weather. (Sadly, I recently lost mine, but I am still surviving.) I did a lot of searching and decided to link this one from Columbia because of its universal dark gray color and the bunched-up seams that make it look like you still have a figure while also keeping you warm and dry!


We can sing “Rain, Rain Go Away” all we want, but I think these spring showers are inevitable. So that’s why it’s a good idea to get some of these basics now so you will be prepared for whatever kind of weather Mother Nature throws our way! So, the next time you wake up to the sound of rain tapping on your window, and you have the urge to sit in bed under the covers watching Netflix all day, throw on your stylish rain gear and have a great day anyway!