How To Be More Sustainable This Semester

Since being home I have been trying to be more sustainable! I've swapped my plastic razor for a safety razor, started using reusable plastic bags and began thrifting most of my clothes. 

  1. 1. Go Digital

    The world is moving in this direction anyway. I am someone who enjoys reading on paper but I'm trying to get better. If you can help it don't print out your readings, mark them up on your laptop and take notes in a Google Doc. If you have an iPad, using an app like Goodnotes can be a great alternative to printing readings and still gives you the satisfaction of holding something that feels like a book. 

  2. 2. Use What You Have

    I know it's super exciting and tempting to go out and buy all new folders and notebooks for the new year, but be honest... did you even use up the whole notebook you got last semester? Tear out your old notes and keep using your notebooks and folders until they wear out. Same with pens and pencils. Take care of what you have and your stuff will last much longer. 

  3. 3. Bring a To-Go Cup

    Coffee is essential for college students. I really enjoy grabbing a cup on campus at the library but I hate that I have to use a disposable cup. This semester (COVID regulations permitting) I am going to try to start bringing a thermus.

    P.S. While you are at it ditch the K-Cups and get a reusable cup and put regular grounds in it. 

  4. 4. Walk Places

    Even on a small campus, such as DePauw's, I am guilty of driving instead of walking. This semester I want to try and face the elements so I can help the environment and my body! Even cutting out a little bit of driving can make a big difference. 

  5. 5. Eat Less Meat

    If you aren't already a vegetarian or a vegan, college is a great time to try or at least cut down on your meat consumption. Even if you just cut down a little bit, you are doing a lot of good for the environment. Dining halls do a pretty good job of offering vegetarian and vegan options so start trying those out. My friends and I might even try to do "meatless Mondays" this semester. Even just one day a week is a good start! 

Hope these tips are helpful and you can get on your way to living a more sustainable life.