How to Add Pizzazz to Your Wardrobe While Remaining Comfortable!

It is Monday morning, and you have an 8:00am. You are tempted to just throw on your favorite fraternity T-shirt and make your way to class, but what if I told you there is a way to make your day more exciting and a bit more colorful while still being comfortable? What you wear can severely affect your mood—if you look gross, you will feel gross, but if you look good, you will feel good. Here are just a few ways to receive tons of compliments and bring out a sunny smile on a gloomy Monday afternoon! 

Wearing Your Favorite Fracket (frat-jacket) or any other colorful layer  

This faux fur fluffy pink jacket from Walmart is only $15 and adds a chic, boujee look to any outfit. Pairing it with cute jean shorts and a white tee gives you comfort and classy style without having to deal with any of that morning hassle., $14.19

Patterned Bottoms   

Any patterned pant can spice up an outfit. They also look great on everyone. For these kind of pants, the outfit speaks for you, so you don’t have to put in a lot of work. Not only does wearing something like this say you are fun and fierce, it also shows off your breezy, easy-going side. A pair of pants like the ones below give the feel of wearing pajamas while giving you that unique fashion sense., $16.08 


You can add flare to any outfit with some accessories. Wearing multiple rings can give you an edgy, boho look. You can even pick out rings with your birthstone, a pattern that speaks to you, a message that has sentimental value, or anything you think is cool. Accessorizing is a true sense of self-expression, and most of what you wear tells a story about you. If you are someone who doesn’t like putting in commitment, there are faux accessories you can wear to give you a day of experimenting with statements. There are a range of nose piercings and ear piercings. Ear cuffs can add an edge or something sweet to any look depending on the ones you pick out. 

BoHo Beach, $9.95   , $2.99 

No matter what you do or wear, just remember to have fun with it. Don’t worry about what you think other people are going to think about you; as long as you are happy and enjoying yourself, that is all that really matters. Your style is one thing people cannot take away from you.