Hollywood’s Bleeding and I’m Crying: Recap on Post Malone’s New Album

If you don’t listen to Post Malone, then honestly what you are you doing with your life? Not only is he a musical genius, but Post Malone is such a cuddly teddy bear. Earlier this month, Post Malone dropped his third album Hollywood’s Bleeding. If you don’t already listen to his music, this is a perfect album to start with. 


As with every artist, Post Malone’s music is ever evolving. This album is so different compared to his first two albums. Hollywood’s Bleeding contains the same emotional lyricism, but the vibes are more upbeat. I was nervous that this album would not be as good as the last, but thank goodness Post Malone has out done himself yet again. 


Here of some of my favorite songs on the album!


  1. 1. Circles

    This song was released as a single before the album officially dropped, and in my opinion, it’s the number one jam on the album. Listening to it for the first time just made me want to sway and snap my fingers. The vibes are so chill and bouncy that it’s the perfect song for a darty. Even better though is the emotion behind the song, which I didn’t catch until after a couple of listens. All around this song is the best and should definitely be the first one you listen to.

  2. 2. Take What You Want

    Now this song is an ultimate banger. With Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott featuring, this song brings a completely new sound to the album and Post Malone’s discography. It starts out with this slow rock vibe that is so different than anything I’ve heard lately. Further into the song, the sound shifts to more of a rap vibe and there is a guitar solo. What songs have you heard in 2019 with a guitar solo? If anything, you should listen just for that.

  3. 3. Enemies

    Featuring DaBaby, this song is similar to some of Post Malone’s previous music. This song has the classic hip-hop ring that we usually hear from him. If you are unsure about the different sound this album showcases, I would definitely recommend listening to this song first.

  4. 4. Goodbyes

    Many of you have probably heard this amazing jam featuring Young Thug, but have you seen the music video? This song was released during the summer with an accompanying music video that everyone needs to see. I remember the first time I watched it; I literally cried. I’m not going to give anything away so that you guys will go watch it, but I will say that someone comes back from the dead. #spooky

  5. 5. Internet

    This song is slower and more chill compared to some of the other songs on this album. In this song, Post Malone sings about his frustrations with the internet, which is very relatable with today’s current social media climate. It’s just so real and raw. It’s the shortest song on the album, but the message cuts so deep. 


Honestly, just go listen to the album so that you don’t get made fun of.