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HC Humans of DePauw: End of Semester Edition

Tim Carr ’19: “Well I was due August 29,1996. I was born a day early on August 28,1996. When I came out of the womb I was massive! The first thing my doctor said after he delivered me was that I was a blue ribbon baby. Then he weighed me and said I was the biggest baby born in the greater Indianapolis area at thirteen pounds and six ounces and twenty-four inches long. I’m pretty proud of it.”

Sam Goodale ’19: “From age two to four I had a strange habit of eating ladybugs. My mom used to see me chewing on something and would ask me to open my mouth. She always found lady bug wings in my mouth when I opened it.”

Ramon Lopez ’19: “When I was only 3 years old I was attacked by my own dog, and being a small toddler I almost died. He suddenly was really protective of his food and my mom and jumped me. After a struggle my mom separated me and called the ambulance. I was in the hospital for two weeks after the attack and had multiple stitches on nearly every wound that I had. I ended up with a lot of scars on my face, head, and right arm that people often ask me about and sometimes I’ll joke and say I was in a sword fight or something stupid. Even though it was very serious and a scary thing to happen in my family, it doesn’t affect my life today. I still love dogs and I actually think my scars are cool, because I’ve come to realize that all scars can tell stories. You hear people talk about things like “oh this is from when I fell off my bike” or “I fell into a coffee table” but not many people can say “yeah all of these are from when I almost died” It made me who I am and reminds me to be grateful for everything in my life because the last 16 years could’ve never happened for me.”

Emma Flynn ’18: “My name is Emma Flynn! I’m a sophomore, Communications major and am an Alpha Phi! I play lacrosse at DePauw, am a MeFe, and have my own radio show. I am tragically addicted to Netflix, and if you ever want a Charlie’s milkshake buddy- I’m your girl. My family and friends keep me sane. I love love love fashion and shopping, but I’ll talk sports with anyone, any time. I’m so thankful for my DePauw experience thus far, and even though home is only a short drive away in Indianapolis, some of my favorite memories with my friends are just driving around campus and Greencastle, laughing and just being together.”

Freshmen at DePauw.
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