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HC Humans of DePauw: Alums and Their Children

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DePauw chapter.


Meet our first Past and Present Tiger Duo, Greg and Jane Alm!

Greg and Jane are from Riverside, Illinois. The first time Jane came to DePauw she was just a baby. Her father Greg Alm, class of 1987, currently the VP of Sales at Intersport, was once living in Sigma Chi Fraternity and working on majoring in Communications. Jane, class of 2019, plans on majoring in Economics and in her interview she mentioned that her dad is the reason she came for a DePauw visit before starting school this past August. (Photo one: Greg and Jane, Photo two: Greg with the Monon Bell)

Q & A with Greg Alm, class of 1987, and his daughter Jane Alm, class of 2019

Jane, why did you choose DePauw?  

“I wanted a small class size, a pretty, easy to navigate campus. I was also very interested in the opportunities that Management Fellows could provide me.”

Mr. Alm, do you have any funny memories from college?

“I was an out-waiter at Pi Phi my second semester of senior year. I would bring food out from the kitchen to the girls. There was a strict dress code: long pants and shirts. On one occasion I arrived to Pi Phi in a pair of shorts that the house mom thought were too short. House mom told me that I had to be an in-waiter that night, meaning I wasn’t allowed to go outside of the kitchen and serve the girls their food. I thought that was ridiculous. I took of my shirt, walked out into the dining room, and flexed my muscles. I made a victory walk all the way back to Sigma Chi with my arms above my head, flexing. Some of my friends at Pi Phi told me later that the house mom turned to one of them and said, “Well, I guess Greg is fired.””

At the end of the day, it all comes down to one question. What do Jane and Greg order at Marvin’s?

Greg orders a classic GCB and Burrito, while Jane likes to indulge in half of a GCB with mac bites and ranch.


Meet our second set of Past and Present Tigers, The Kenters! 

Mitch Kenter is a first year student at DePauw University this year. He is from Cinncinati, Ohio. Mitch is currently undecided on his major but is leaning towards a degree in math or science. Keith Kenter was a Phi Delt at DePauw and graduated in 1984. He was a zoology major and today practices medicine as an orthopedic surgeon. Patty Kenter graduated from DePauw in 1985. She was an Alpha Phi and majored in Psychology. Today she works as a fitness instructor in Cinncinati.

Keith and Patty share something special with their son Mitch—a DePauw education and college experience.

I got to sit down with Mitch and talk with him about having two proud Tiger Parents! 

HerCampus: Mitch how exactly did your parents meet?

Mitch: “They met through mutual friends. My dad actually saw my mom at a party and at first glance was hooked. He thought she was so pretty. The next day he asked her to go to a concert with him and she said ‘no.’ He had dated a lot of her friends and that is why she declined the offer. They met over Winter Term on January 27, 1983. They were married in St. Louis on January 9, 1988.


HerCampus: “What a beautiful love story Mitch! Thanks for sharing with me. So Mitch, do you think you’ll find the love of your life at DePauw?”

Mitch: “I don’t know. That’s kind of scary to think about. My mom met my dad when she was nineteen and I will be turning nineteen pretty soon. But I guess it’s possible.”


Freshmen at DePauw.