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Happy Sitting

Welcome back, everyone!
As you probably noticed before break, there are a few new additions on campus.  The Sculpture in Public Places class just turned out some fantastic benches for your lovely buns to perch upon.  Take some time this week to really look at this functional art that your fellow DePauw-pers created for you.  Some of them are quite fun! Grab a friend and teeter totter on the giant red piece by the Hub, climb into the ‘Sky Parlor’ near Academic Quad, or flip the wooden block bench around until you find it to be in a spot you like.  Whichever bench you choose, just take some time, and take a load off of those hard working feet. 
So, as you come back to campus after a restful fall break, remember that life doesn’t always have to be fast paced. Maybe you have a stressful week ahead full of schoolwork, or just find the tiresome five minute trek across campus to be beating you down; in any case, locate the nearest piece of art and take a seat! Don’t forget to check out the plaques by each one, and next time you see the artist of that bench you have grown so fond of, commend them on their work—let them know how much you liked their contribution to our campus!
Happy Sitting, DePauw

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