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As the weeks go by, people are looking forward to October or “Spooky Month,” where they can dress up as pirates or fairies, to villains or favorite characters from books or even spicing it up with some fun Halloween makeup looks. Personally, I enjoy experimenting with Halloween-inspired makeup looks for the spooky occasion, so here are some fun Halloween-inspired looks.

1. Black lipstick and Orange Eyeshadow

Everyone knows that the basic colors of Halloween are orange and black but there are a multitude of looks you can create. The black lip is associated with dark dramatic makeup looks and gothic fashion right in the spirit of Halloween and currently, black lipstick is one of the top trends in the world of fashion. The orange eyeshadow you put around your eyes would accentuate the colors of your eyes whether it was bringing out the blue, brown, or green color and you could even add a pumpkin drawing to spice things up. 

2. Illusion Makeup

Another makeup look you can do is an illusion, it is a fun creation to make others gasp in awe at your creation. There are many different illusions you can create with makeup but one of the most popular looks currently is the monster mouth which creates an interesting but also terrifying look.

3. Skeleton Makeup

One of the most popular Halloween looks is the skeleton, this look gives a spooky facade as well as a cute look that shows off your makeup skills. Whether it’s the white-painted face or the black edges this look gives the illusion that you have a skeleton face.

Cassia McPhilliamy is a member of Hercampus Depauw and currently writes under the style section.
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