Greencastle Nail Salons in Comparison

Getting your nails done is an expensive purchase, and when you go away to college, you want to make sure you choose the right salon with an experienced team of manicurists. You don’t want cuticles that are cut too short or nail bed burns from the spinning nail file, so taking the time to do your research is important. Greencastle, Indiana, may be small in population, but it is abundant in salons to pick from. While we all wish we could go to a fancy salon on the coast that you can feel is good just by looking around, we are in Greencastle  and have to work with what we got. Below are the four top-rated salons in town, including services, prices, reviews.

Ivy Nails

            Ivy Nails is conveniently located next to Kroger and has approachable staff. This little shop may not be able to fit as many people in at once, but they produce quality work. They offer free repairs on acrylic nails in the first week if anything happens to them. A full set costs $30 with regular paint and $25 for a manicure with shellac polish, which is the second-most expensive behind Sky Nails. Ivy Nails also has an additional charge because they require their clients to purchase their own file and nail buffer (an extra $2). This may not seem like a lot, but if you forget it or misplace it you have to buy a new one, while other salons offer up their equipment with no extra charge. In addition, some clients have complained of staff overcharging them for services or adding on additional charges for services they never received. Ivy Nails currently has 4.2 stars on Google Review because of this recurring complaint. While this salon is more on the pricy side, clients continuingly comment on the knowledgeable staff and clean environment.

T&T Nails

At T&T Nails, appointments are available and walk-ins are welcomed. They pride themselves on having a clean environment and well-practiced employees, according to their website. Typically, they have four employees working a shift, so if you go in the morning or make an appointment, waiting shouldn’t be an issue, but some clients still complain about waiting even when they have an appointment. They offer manicures and pedicures ranging from polish, acrylics, French tips, gel powder and shellac gel. They also have a range of facial waxing services. For a manicure with shellac gel or a full set of acrylics, it is the same reasonable price of $28. For more detailed pricing you can check their listings at this link:

T&T has a rating of 4.5 stars on Google Reviews, making it the top-rated salon in the area. One positive review reads, “We used to only go for special occasions but now are going to start going once a month! They offer water and other drinks and atmosphere is comfortable. The whole team is attentive and patient. I will return here because I was happy with the results," and gave the salon five stars.

Sky Nails

            You may recognize the red and green sign across from the Goodwill parking lot that says “Sky Nails," but didn’t realize there is a little salon tucked back there. Their prices are the highest in Greencastle, with a full set at $40 with regular polish and a manicure with shellac at $30. In the review, clients rave about the nail technician named Nina. She is described as “thoughtful” and “gentle.” All of the positive reviews are about Nina, so what happens if you get someone else? Many clients say they won’t let anyone else do their nails there, which could be problematic if you too would like to have Nina do your nails. The men at the salon are described consistently as “grumpy” and “rude.” They are known for yelling at clients for accidently smudging their polish and being too rough when applying acrylics. The men are keeping this salon at 4.1 stars on Google Reviews. Their website is currently unavailable, so if you want a full range of prices you’ll have to call.

Mona Lisa Spa and Salon

            At Mona Lisa Spa and Salon, they praise themselves for pampering their clients and making them feel like a new person. Their services range from nails, massages, waxing, facials, wraps and scrubs, and hair cuts/styles. This salon offers day packages, princess packages, makeover packages, spa parties and bridal parties. The nail services are cheaper in contrast to T&T’s prices. A manicure with paraffin dip is only $10, and a full set of temporary tips is $25. Nail care is not the focus of this spa, so the range of polish and finishes are limited. However, they specialize in your relaxation experience. Their attention to your rejuvenation appointment may differ in contrast to the other salons in quality of nails, as nails are not their main service, but you’ll walk away feeling refreshed. While their website is professional, they currently only have 3.6 stars on Google Reviews. A lot of reviews complain about an unprofessional environment. Clients specifically mention the mess the stylists make when dying hair and how it damages their clothes, and rough work on their nails resulting in bleeding cuticles and sore nail beds. The only time a 5-star rating was given was after a client received a massage.