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Freshman Dorm Update: First-Year and Loving It

Speaking as a freshman, I’m almost positive that each member of the class of 2016 would agree with me that waiting to find out where we will be living for the next year was a LONG wait. I had heard horror stories as well as epic stories of each of the freshmen dorms on DePauw’s campus. There are 6 dorms, and there are 600+ freshmen; where would I end up? There are 5 dorms coupled together on the South side of campus: Hogate, Humbert, Bishop Roberts, Longden, and College Street. Lucy Rowland Hall is the only one on the northern side of campus, separated from the rest, but loved just the same.

Built in 1968, Hogate Hall offers the only suite style dorms for the freshman students. To many outsiders, this dorm is a maze and arguably, it doesn’t have the best reputation. Known around campus as “Hoghetto” (and to some of the residents as “Brogate”) the residents of this suite style dorm often get an “Oh…I’m so sorry” after telling someone where they live. But how do the residents of Hogate Hall feel??
Allison Hunt, a fourth floor resident of Hogate had this to say about the dorm: “Heck yeah I love my dorm! (and fourth floor is the best). It’s definitely not the same as its reputation. Hoghetto might not be the prettiest dorm, but I can guarantee nobody’s [dorm] is as homey as ours. I think the suite style makes us all kind of put that much more effort into hanging out. And it annoys me when people are like ‘Oh…you live in Hogate? I’m sorry.’ NO. I’m sorry you don’t live in Hogate.”

Amanda Chastang and Haley Krieble, two roommates in Hogate answered, “I freaking love Hoghetto” and “I love it and the people in it to death. Hoghetto for life!” respectfully when asked the question if they liked their dorms. Clearly, these three residents of Hogate Hall have embraced the nickname and truly do love the dorm.

I’ve never actually been inside College Street Hall. From the outside it’s cute but little. Located on the South Quad, “C Street Hall” is the smallest residence hall on campus. When I asked Ariel Cheatham, a resident of C Street how she liked the dorm, she replied, “College Street is really homey because it’s so small everyone knows one another and are pretty close for the most part. The rooms are small, but big enough for people to share. The building is really old and there are certain parts that need remodeled…but it’s still homey and cozy”. Apparently, College Street is as cute as I thought and it has a close-knit community that really makes the place a wonderful dorm to live in.

Lucy Rowland Hall, the only dorm t hat isn’t near all the others, is absolutely beautiful on the inside. Granted, I’ve only been in the common area once, but I do have to say I love it. With “ornate woodwork dating back to 1926” as the DePauw website states, Lucy is truly a beautiful dorm. First year resident, Doug McCrary, really loves Lucy Rowland hall. He stated, “I love Lucy! Everyone that lives here has become so close; we’re like a family. It has made my adjustment to college very enjoyable. As far as the dorm itself, I think I lucked out and got the best dorm. The rooms are much nicer than I anticipated. Lucy has a large lobby that everyone hangs out in and bonds together. I am very happy with my dorm and can’t imagine being anywhere else.” It seems as though Lucy is loved by the residents and certainly does live up to some very high standards.

Bishop Roberts, the very first DePauw dorm I ever entered, is pretty, and spacious, and everyone seems to like it.

Humbert Hall, built in 1989, is one of the biggest dorms for freshmen on campus. Located between Longden and Hogate, Humbert is a stellar place to live according to the residents and the conversations I’ve overheard. Sanne Hilbrich loves Humbert Hall, she’s quoted saying, “I love my dorm! I always heard that Humbert was the nicest one, and compared to my friends’ rooms in both Hogate and BR the rooms are a lot bigger and better put together. I consider myself lucky to live in such a sweet dorm.” Clearly, Humbert is a favorite for freshman.

Last but not least, Longden Hall is located on the South Quad across from Hogate. A wonderful dorm with the beloved Den in its basement, Longden Hall is much appreciated. Freshman Maggie Cochrane said, “I heard Humbert was the best dorm, but quite honestly, Longden is great! My room is bigger than I thought it would be and it’s so nice to have the Den in the basement. I don’t really have anything to complain about!” All good things to be said about this dorm!

Apparently the horror stories that were told to all the incoming freshmen were as untrue as an urban legend. Clearly, most people are satisfied with their dorms. It doesn’t matter what the dorm is really like, it’s the people in the dorm that make the first year of college so unique. The roommates, floor mates, suitemates, and dorm mates that give us a well-rounded experience that’s phenomenal. I’m happy that we’re all happy, and I definitely won’t tell horror stories to the freshmen coming next year.

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