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Although we cannot see it very clearly in Greencastle, fall is here! It is October – time to renew your wardrobe with the latest trends of fall outfits. There are so many options, but fall can be tricky, especially fall in Greencastle – it is hot and cold all in one day. For that reason, Her Campus is here to help you out. Here are five suggestions that can work whatever the temperature is!

  1. Sleeveless sweater with V-Neck

Wake up and hear your roommate say that it is cool outside? First, put a shirt on, then wear a loose sleeveless sweatshirt with a V-Neck and go for that simple, but chic vibe. You can take it off easily if the weather gets hot. A more high school aesthetic look could be a sweater with lines on the sleeves!

  1. Cardigan

‘Cause, it never goes out of style. Whether it is the fashionable belted, the stylish cropped, or the comfortable open cardigan, there are plenty of ways to wear them and they fit different types of bodies. A cardigan mixed with a maxi dress is perfect for a cool night out with friends!

  1. Midi Skirt

Surround yourself with a breath of vintage. Midi skirts cover your legs so that you won’t get too cold, but it is also light in hotter weather – a smart choice for Greencastle fall. A midi skirt presents a lot of alternatives for mixing and matching: a tank top if you want a modern look, a puff sleeve shirt if you want the old centuries’ fashion, a hoodie if you want a comfortable, at-home feeling….

  1. Over-the-knee socks

So over with usual socks? Wear over-the-knee socks with a short or a mini skirt! Those who like shorter clothes on the bottom, but are worried about cold weather will love these. You can always roll down the socks upon your preference.

  1. Boots

The final stylish touch for a trendy fall outfit. It can go well with every suggestion above: a sleeveless sweater, a cardigan, a midi skirt, or over-the-knee socks.

Fall is the perfect season and thus the time for perfect fashion! Have you been wondering what to look for the next time you browse Amazon? Comment below if you imagine any other items!

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I am a freshman in the class of 2025 at DePauw University. I come from Hanoi, Vietnam.
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