Finals Survival Kits

We know as writers and contributors for Her Campus DePauw that we're lucky enough to be a part of an awesome online magazine and organization. But every so often, Her Campus Nationals goes above and beyond, and helps us remember that we've got this whole college thing down. How do they do it? Through the goodies in the Her Campus Finals Survival Kits!!

Check out the amazing goodies we got this year. 

  • Chipotle Burrito Cards - Buy one get one free...I'll be taking myself on a date
  • Vera Bradley mini wallets - It's possible I might never lose my ID again...
  • SOREL- I dig this water bottle, it's going to help keep me hydrated during the stress of this week!
  • Proactiv - Breakouts are very real and very awful, and the stress certainly makes them worse. Here's to defeating you, acne!
  • #ActuallySheCan - ...ace her finals??!
  • Cold-Eese - Breakouts aren't the only thing that stress and lack of sleep produce. Keeping those germs away one Cold-eese at a time.
  • TRESemmé - At least my hair might look good this week. 
  • Michael Kors

These brands make awesome products that are definitely incredible gifts, too, so if you're looking for something for a friend this holiday season, be sure to check these out. 

Thanks so much for our sponsors for giving us these goodies, and HC Nationals for sending them our way!