Finally Spring: Views On and Around Campus

So, it’s finally spring! I wish I could say that the snow in April was unexpected, but we’re in Indiana, so it was always a possibility. Anyway, with sixty-degree temperatures predicted for the rest of the week, I think we can safely say that winter is over and finally start to break out shorts and sandals! To kick off the start of a new season, here are a few pictures of nature that we can take advantage of in the warmer weather.

These flowers brighten up South Quad right outside Bishop Roberts Hall. It’s been nice enough out to finally open up windows, and sometimes you can hear birds (which is nice, until you’re trying to take a nap).

This peaceful scene can be found in the Nature Park! Take a break from the study life and brag to your friends about the views. Bonus points if your pictures include a sunset.

Of course, no room is complete without some flowers (real or otherwise). These flowers brighten up a freshman dorm and remind everyone walking by that winter is finally gone.

The Nature Park offers many trails that can be used for alone time or friendly walks. If you want to unwind after one of those days but don’t want to just crawl into bed, this could be the spot for you.

Of course, we can’t control everything. It still gets windy a lot, but at least the grass is green. We probably won’t need gloves anymore. Only one thing is certain: Bowman is going to be squishy when it rains.