Favorites from Eli’s Book Store

Going to a small school has its perks, but it also has its downfalls. Finding cute spirit apparel is one of them. With a lack of options to shop from, students flock to Eli’s bookstore. Here are some cute options in the store today.

League Women’s Crewneck Sweatshirt

This one is a personal favorite. Every time I see someone wear it, it receives multiple compliments. It looks so soft from the outside and feels even softer on the inside. Perfect for the colder weather when paired with jeans and a big jacket.

Boxercraft Women’s Slim Fit Long Sleeve T-shirt 

This long sleeve is special because it’s a lot different than what we usually see at Eli’s. The elbow pads make it unique. It has a cute logo in the center, with the tiger and our school’s name. Because the colors allow for various ways to wear the t-shirt, it could also be made into a stylish and edgy outfit.

Boxercraft Women’s Slim Fit Pants


It’s hard to be stylish and comfortable, but these sweatpants make it possible. The lines along the bottom make them vintage, while still the lettering along the side is still cute and don't clash. The ties at the waist also make them adjustable for maximum comfort.

Ross Sportswear Women’s Fur Pom Beanie

Winter means cute accessories, like hats. This cute pompom beanie lets you show your school spirit while staying warm. It is a great twist on the classic pompom beanie.