Favorite 15 Minute (Or Less!) Fall Hairstyles

When the leaves are changing colors, pumpkin flavored drinks and desserts are back, and football is in full swing,  you know it's fall! With midterms creeping closer and our schedules getting busier, we all get a little lazier when it comes to our appearance. Here are 5 super cute hairstyles to “fall back” on this season. 
One of my very favorites is a crown double braid. You get the best of both worlds, a down-do while still keeping the hair out of your face when the wind blows. A go-to for a pumpkin patch date or any outdoor event. To get this look, simply braid the sides of your hair back from your face, wrap around the back of your head and secure with pins or a band. 
As it gets colder, headbands become more and more visible on campus. One type that will never fail you on style is the knit headband. It is so cute, so warm, and so comfortable. Throw your hair in a messy bun or ponytail, put the headband on and wha-la! You are ready for a day enjoying some refreshingly cold weather. 
I just can NOT get enough of braids during the fall season, and this basic princess braid is no exception. Wet hair from getting out of the shower? Bed head from oversleeping? Just don’t have the energy to do anything complicated? No problem! It's impossible to go wrong with this style. 
As great as flowing locks are during the summer, they’re way even better in the colder weather. Her Campus supplied some of us with an awesome product, Tresemme’s Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt. Just apply to wet hair, either air dry or blow dry, then you have yourself a beautiful natural wave to wear just about anywhere. 
All these super cute hairstyles have us set for the new season.