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Fashion from First-Years

 Moving to DePauw this fall, I had the chance to live in a new area filled with new people. Looking back at my old town, the people and the fashion were completely different than here at DePauw. Back home, it was inevitable to see someone wearing camo or outdoor clothing. When I arrived in Greencastle, it was almost refreshing to see the amount of students not wearing clothes made for hunting. My class, 2020, is filled with so many new people and styles. One friend in particular, Audrey Rose Overbey, is definitely someone with a killer fashion sense. Most people would admit that Rose always looks good, no matter what day it is. Some would also admit that she bases her outfits off of her favorite era–the ’70s/early ’80s. I asked Rose all about her go-to styles for class and for going out.


 When going to class Rose tries to find something that is comfortable and warm. She tells us that when getting ready she likes to always look presentable. She is very prideful in her appearance because it tells what kind of person she is. Self-expression is key.

Rose has two major go-to pieces for class. This includes her denim skirt and her new balance shoes. Her skirt matches almost anything, which makes it a great staple. You can either dress it up or dress it down. Her shoes are also crucial to her outfits. She tells us that they are super comfortable and match all of her outfits due to their neutral color.


Going Out

When going out Rose likes to wear something that is going to stand out, but makes her feel comfortable. She is not one for crop tops, but she indeed likes tight shirts. She goes for more of a smooth but sultry look. She for sure pulls it off.

Rose has one major go-to for going out. She loves bell bottomed jeans. She explains that they give her a better shape and are super comfortable. These super cute jeans are from Free People.

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