Everything You Need for the Perfect Night In

We all have those weekends where after a long, stressful week, we want nothing more than to relax in the comfort of our dorm room with some of our closest girl friends. Sometimes a girl’s night in is just what the doctor ordered and even if you’re keeping your night low-key, you can still have a great time—with help from some guilty pleasures and not-to-miss girl’s night activities, of course.
You name it: whatever your heart desires, it’s yours. You earned it after the week you just went through. Keep it simple with popcorn and soda, or make some cookies with the girls (or, more realistically, buy the cookie dough and then just eat it all raw. Also a great option.) Hot chocolate is also a personal favorite of mine, especially during chilly months like this.
Put together the perfect playlist
Nothing makes girl’s night like having your favorite songs on in the background, allowing for impromptu dance parties or sing-a-longs to happen whenever the time is right (Or whenever Adele comes on. Whichever comes first.)
Set up a blanket fort
You might have to get creative, and it might take a bit of effort. But making it is half the fun and once you put it together, you’ll have a cozy safe haven separate from the world. Be sure to fill it with plenty of blankets and pillows (and preferably some of those snacks I mentioned.)
It’s a classic: a perfect way to relax, have a good time, and do some good for your skin. Yes, you’ll look goofy for a little, but you’ll have fun doing it—especially with all of your girls right there with you.