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The Dreaded 8ams—A Go-To Style Guide

As frustrating as it is to wake up at 7:50 with the mindset that you have ten minutes to whip yourself together and find an outfit before class, it really doesn’t have to be THAT bad. With a few easy tricks and tips, your life and morning look can be improved greatly. For me, the mornings when I have 8ams, I like to wake up as humanly late as possible to still be on time and look (semi) put together. Throughout my whole life, I’ve learned quite a few hacks to form a go-to style for these early, and now cold, mornings.


TRICK #1- PREPARATION is the key!

The night before is the deciding factor on whether you have your life together for the next day or whether you’re going to be a hot mess in the morning. I like to pick out exactly what I wear in the AM, check the temp, and make sure my outfit is appropriate for the weather. I like to lay my backpack out, put my toothbrush on my desk, and have my shoes right next to my backpack. Then, when I wake up, it’s a literal breeze to get ready and takes me a solid 7 minutes. I feel like I am in an assembly line, just going from clothes to fixing my face a little, to shoes, to backpack, to leaving! I know most college students are night owls, so taking ten minutes the night before, when you don’t feel like a walking zombie, makes life so much easier for you.


TRICK #2- Some iconic go-to looks!

I know mornings are brutal, abnormally cold, and you just want to roll out of bed in your pajamas and go to class. However, for me, I feel disgusting and unmotivated throughout class if I look like a walking zombie. It really affects my mood and makes me feel bad throughout the day if I am walking around in some old pajamas. But, I also do not feel like hiking up skin-tight high-waisted jeans at 7:50 in the morning. I think that a good balance is any type of cute, sporty leggings or joggers with a hoodie and some Superstars or Nikes. I think leggings are key for 8ams because they are sooo comfy but also look presentable. I think they are 20x better than sweatpants. Also, they go with virtually any shirt or sweater that you would want to wear, so the options for things to pair them with are endless. I love to wear sweaters with shirts inside of them in case the classrooms are warm (and some are abnormally warm). I also think that a cute, sporty (put-together) look is always fun in the AM. There are tons of places to get those cool joggers that look really good with virtually any sweater or t-shirt. Also, my go-to shoes in the morning have always been some sort of cute gym shoe (Superstars, just regular black Nike shoes or Vans).


TRICK #3- Layering for the win!

As the mornings get colder and colder, it’s becoming more difficult to look presentable because you can’t throw on a cute sundress and call it a day anymore. I discovered that the key to this issue is in the layers. If you have a cute outer layer (your coat), it really can pull the outfit together. All you have to do is throw on any hoodie or sweater, wear the coat to cover the outfit, pair it with some leggings and cute shoes, and call it a day! I personally love to wear leggings, a fuzzy sweater, my coat and a scarf, some Vans, and throw my hair up in a top bun. I think it is a messy-cute look that represents 8ams well. Layers are the key to being prepared for the ever-changing weather conditions throughout the day, and if you ever do not vibe with one part of your outfit, just take it off and you’ll change the whole outfit.

Kara Roche

DePauw '22

Hello! I am Kara Roche, and I am a freshmen at DePauw. I am from Chicago, and I love everything to do with style. I love exploring different styles, makeup, skincare, hair, everything you can think of regarding style.
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