Do Your Skin A Favor This Winter

Not only is the winter season rough because it’s impossible to go outside without shivering, but the cold, dry air destroys my skin. It causes flaky breakouts and chapped lips and just overall makes me pretty miserable. Being from Chicago, I find myself stuck in numerous amounts of wind storms, which completely drains the moisture in my skin. I’ve decided to share some of my most helpful skin care tips to help us all survive winter together.

1. ALWAYS Remove Your Makeup!

If you haven’t learned anything by the end of this article, know that you should never go to bed with any sort of makeup on, especially face makeup. My mom swears by this and will never go to bed without completely taking off all of her makeup and washing her face. Leaving it on causes your pores to clog up, attracts acne-causing bacteria, and changes the color of your pillowcase. (Ew.) Leaving any eye makeup on can also clog the pores on your eyelids and create styes, which can irritate the eye. Even just one night with it on can make the cleansing process more difficult due to dry and irritated skin. It can be a drag, but your skin will thank you.

2. Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate!

Exfoliating the skin removes any dead skin cells, which will overall reduce dullness and dryness. Additionally, it helps your skin absorb your moisturizer better. Exfoliation doesn’t have to be limited to your face, though. You can buy body scrubs from your local drugstore and enjoy your silky smooth skin!

3. Switch to Heavier Moisturizing Creams

It’s no secret that the harsh, dry air strips your skin of moisture, so it’s important to consistently moisturize your skin. I personally use the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream and ever since I have switched from regular moisturizing lotions, I have noticed a huge difference. My skin can sometimes get irritated and flaky to the point where it burns a little, but this stuff cures it instantly. I will never go back to ordinary moisturizers because to me it just feels like water and is nothing compared to the thickness of some moisturizing creams.

4. Do Not Forget the SPF

Most people believe that there are less sun rays in the winter than in the summer, which is completely false. Not only are you just as likely to get sunburned in the winter as you are in the summer, but your skin is affected by the sun rays even on the cloudiest days. Remember to apply a dermatologist-recommended brand (not just your typical Coppertone). However, I personally like to buy a foundation with SPF already in it so I won’t forget.

5. Always Carry Chapstick or Lip Balm

I know that chapped lips are kind of a given when it comes to winter, but there is no reason that you can’t prevent this from happening. Any kind of lip balm that contains aloe vera, coconut oil, sunflower oil, almond oil, or shea butter will protect your lips from dryness, and your skin will thank you.