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Different Ways to Use Fine Fragrance Mist

Did you know that you can use fine fragrance mist in more ways than one? Although applying it to my wrists and neck will always be fun and my main way of using my fragrance mist, there are other ways to use it that can add to your routine!

First, it is important to know the difference between fine fragrance mist and perfume. First, fragrance mist tends to be lighter and is made mostly with water and alcohol. Perfume, on the other hand, is very strong and contains oil. I would advise that you try these new tips and tricks with body mist only. This way, you can avoid any overpowering smells and potentially staining your clothing. 

Apply your fragrance to more than just your wrists and neck

When fragrance heats up, it releases more. That is why people spray fragrance on their wrists and on the sides of their neck; there are arteries and veins there that bring more body heat. But did you know that there are more places on the body that are also warm? In addition to your wrists and neck, try spraying your fine fragrance mist behind your knees and on the underside of your elbow. Next, enjoy the nice smell!

Spray your fragrance mist around your room to create a nice atmosphere

I like to spray a little mist in the air in my bedroom. It brings a nice smell and can help me relax when I am doing work or getting ready for bed. Also, if your favorite fragrance happens to be from Bath and Body works, there are fragrance wall plugs available in the same scent that you can also use! 

Spray a little mist on your pillow before bedtime

This can also help you relax! I like to use a lot of fresh floral scents and also some deeper lavender fragrances. Sometimes, when I am stressed, I like to spray a little lavender fragrance mist on my pillow to help me relax. Plus, since I use fragrance mist instead of perfume, the scent on my pillow isn’t overpowering. 

Spray a little fragrance mist on your clothing

You can quickly freshen up clothing that has been in your dresser or in the closet for a while by spraying a little fragrance mist on them. Make sure to hold the nozzle of the bottle above the clothing and spray so that the mist settles on the clothing. Avoid spraying with the nozzle directly next to the clothing because it will leave a visible spot from the spray, and you will have to wait for it to dry before wearing. 

Spice up handwritten love notes or pen pal letters

You can add a personal touch to your love notes and pen pal letters by spraying a little bit of your fragrance mist onto the paper. It makes the paper smell like your signature scent, which makes the card unique and special. It can also cover up any unpleasant ink smells, especially if you’re into calligraphy or other inking work that leaves behind a powerful odor. It can be really nice to get something that smells good and reminds you of our friend or loved one in the mail. 


Need fragrance recommendations? Here is a short list of my favorites.


Hello Beautiful by Bath and Body Works 

Japanese Cherry Blossom by Bath and Body Works

White Citrus by Bath and Body Works

A Thousand Wishes by Bath and Body Works

Beautiful Day by Bath and Body Works

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