Common Reactions When You Tell Someone Your Major

            Some people just don’t get that ~liberal arts~ lifestyle… whatever, their loss. But it’s pretty annoying when you tell someone your major and they either a) say “I’ve never heard of that” or b) seem less than impressed when you try to explain what you’re paying $60,000 in tuition for, but it’s fine. Everything is fine. Here are the most common/ annoying responses DePauw students get when they tell someone what their major is, complete with gifs and memes.

English Writing: “So…you want to teach then, right? Are you gonna write a book?” AHHHH!

Philosophy: “Are you going to law school? Is that hard? Like...actually though, what could you possibly do with that.” Ugh…you just don’t understand LIFE.

Psychology: “What are you going to do with that? Do you want to be a therapist?” …No, but I know why Sarah talks so much in class and why John is drunk every Friday and Saturday night. Watch your mf back!!!

Neuroscience: “So…you’re like really smart?” B*TCH I’m just tryna survive like the rest of y'all.

Econ: " and everyone else." Okay, yes, it's popular, but I be making moneyyyy.

Computer Science: “Niiiiiceeeee, so you can fix my computer.” *internal screaming*

Communications: “Oh, that’s like super easy right?” Actually, WRONG. I’ve got plenty of shit to do, thank you very much.

Anthropology/Global Health/Interdisciplinary major: A concerning and all too common response for the social science folks: “So…what’s that? Are you going to have a career?”

Education Studies: “Oh, cool. You know teachers make like no money, right?” Don’t get me STARTED on the flaws in our education system, but also I do it FOR THE KIDS!!!!

Peace and Conflict Studies: “Oh. What is that? I’ve never heard of that before.” And then with a little more explaining…a skeptical “interesting” or “so are you going to law school?” BRO.

School of Music: “Omg, will you sing for me…like right now.” “You should go on America’s Got Talent or something.” Ur kidding.

Biology/Chemistry/ Biochemistry: “So, you’re going to med school?” Aaaaand cue the tears.