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College Rebellion: Tattoo Edition

Okay, so let’s be real. You have left the nest and you are basically on your own. Maybe you feel this slight desire for rebellion. I know I did. This summer I turned 20 and decided to do something that was forbidden in my house. (Also, sorry dad if you see this!) My idea of rebellion was getting a tattoo and honestly I would recommend it! I love my tattoo but you would never know I had one if I hadn’t told you.

For anyone else that is considering a rebellion of this type or if you are just considering a tattoo but don’t want something so big or noticeable, here are some ideas for you!

My tattoo is on the inside of my left wrist, but you will never see it…unless I’m near a black light. I had the word “believe” tattooed on my wrist to remind myself to believe in everything I do. I got the tattoo for me, myself, and I, so why does everyone need to see it. When you go into the tattoo parlor, ask if they have black light ink or a lighter color that is less noticeable unless pointed out. The first two picture are the day I got it done and the last one is a picture I just took of it. You can’t tell at all. If I go near a black light, though, it lights up.

Another idea would be to get a small tattoo in a place that isn’t center of attention. You could get it in a place like your foot, rib cage or even your hip. You could do a heart, a moon or anything else you want.

And finally, even though these tattoos are small and hidden, remember that they are forever so choose wisely!

I hate writing, but I love Her Campus DePauw!
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