Cheap Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day with your SO

It feels like we just recovered from Christmas, and now if you are in a relationship you are expected to go all out for Valentine's Day too. This year me and my boyfriend are going to keep things affordable while still being romantic. Here are a few ways you can have a super special day of love without having to pay for it. 

  1. 1. Dorm Room Picnic

    Don't try to fight the dinner rush, instead just stay in! Even though you might not be going out doens't mean it still can't be romantic. Grab food from your favorite take out place, lay out a blanket, crack open a bottle of champagn and put on your favorite rom com. 

  2. 2. Make Dinner Together 

    Onion Browning

    This can be a super fun and romantic way to spend the night together— plus its cheap. It could even be fun to go grocery shopping together and make a whole evening of it. A dinner at home is way more intamate than a crowed restaurant anyway. 

  3. 3. Skip Dinner and Splurg on Dessert

    Me and my boyfriend have done this before, and its so fun. You get all the thrill of getting dressed up and going to a nice restaurant but without the big bill. Plus fancy restaurants tend to have super good desserts so it will still be a great meal! 

  4. 4. Look for Deals on Experiences 

    girl taking picture of a couple ice skating

    Tons of places run deals for Valentine's Day. If you search for long enough on the internet you will probably be able to find an experience: ice skating, the zoo and so many more. This is a great way to spend time together without spending a ton of money.