Catching Up With Vy Before Her Study Abroad

I had the chance to talk to one of my friends Vy Hoang before she left for study abroad. Vy, who has been interviewed by Her Campus before, is a junior from Vietnam. She is a Computer Science and Econ double major, a Management Fellows and in the ITAP program. She was able to tell me a little more about preparing for her study abroad experience.


Her Campus: Hi Vy! Thank you so much for meeting with me today. I heard you were studying abroad but where are you going?


Vy Hoang:  Hi! I’m going to Oxford in the UK to attend Oxford University.


HC: That’s really cool! What are you going to study there?


VH: I’m going to be taking research econ courses and a British lit course.


HC: That sounds hard but I’m sure it will be interesting! Why did you decide to go abroad?


VH: Well, I decided to study abroad because first of all, DePauw has really good study-abroad programs and after talking to a lot of people who have been doing those programs, I believe it will give me the experience to explore a new culture and language. I’m also grateful for my studying abroad as an international student at DePauw, but I really miss the excitement and feelings from when I first moved to another country. And I love Harry Potter so studying at Oxford is a dream of mine.


HC: I know you mentioned exploring a new culture, but what are you looking forward to the most at Oxford?


VH: I am most looking forward to exploring Oxford and London when I am in the UK and trying the food. I am also looking forward to learning about all the exciting topics for my classes.


HC: What do you think you’ll miss the most?


VH: I will miss Kevin and my [sorority] sisters the most. They have been the biggest support system, so definitely being away from my friends will be very hard.


HC: Awww, do you have any advice for people thinking about studying abroad?


VH: Just do it! Move around your plan, compromise and do it. You only have 4 years in college and a whole life to learn, so studying abroad is something that being in college gives you the opportunity to do. Be adventurous! Life is short so just go for it.

HC: It was great talking to you before you leave on your adventure to Oxford! Good luck!