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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DePauw chapter.

Carter McKay, a Junior at DePauw, recently sat down with HerCampus to talk about her incredible semester interning for The TODAY Show in New York City. With plans to intern in London for the Summer Olympic Games, Carter continues to work toward her dream of a career in Telecommunications. Her go-getter attitude and ambitious style made her this week’s Campus Celebrity.
What is your major?
Where are you from?
Cincinnati, Ohio
What are you involved in on campus?
I am a happy member of Alpha Phi and I am the Director of Promotions for D3TV. I am also a Media Fellow.
I hear you had a unique internship opportunity last semester. Can you tell us about a little bit about your experience and what you gained from your time in New York?
I interned at the TODAY Show in New York City last Fall for my Media Fellows internship. The internship was an amazing experience and I was able to work on some awesome assignments. I got to work with the entire cast of Twilight and help with concerts like Justin Bieber, Micheal Buble, and Mary J. Blige. I had such a great experience at this internship that I have actually been invited back to work with NBC for several occasions. I went to New Hampshire with them in January to help cover the primary, I spent a few days in Indy helping with the TODAY Show coverage, and this summer I will be in London for 6 weeks helping with the Olympic coverage. I’m ecstatic about the opportunity and cannot wait to go!

Do you have any future plans in Telecommunications?
My future plan is to head back to New York after I graduate. I hope to be working with NBC since I love the company so much. My goal is to be a producer one day for the TODAY Show or another show that I love within the company.
How would you like to leave your mark on DePauw?
I would like to leave with the hope that I represented DePauw well and I made a large enough presence to be remembered. I always wonder if when I come back to visit in 10 years, will professors remember my name? I hope they do because I stood out in some unique way, and wasn’t just a wallflower. I also think it’s as much about leaving a mark as it is to contribute to the wonderful place that is DePauw. When I leave I want to believe that I was one of the hundreds of students on this campus that makes DePauw so great.

Grace is a Communications Major at DePauw University. She enjoys traveling, music, shopping, and being in the sun.