Career Fair Outfits

DePauw is known for the incredible alumni network and the extraordinary Hubbard Center, which helps students network and connect with professionals who can help the students move forward with informational interviews, internships and jobs after graduation. As the semester kicks off to a fast-paced start, the Hubbard Center is hosting a Career Fair on Thursday, Feb. 11th from 4-7pm in the U.B. Ballroom with many companies lined up for us DePauw students to dazzle. 

There are a lot of ways to make the most out of a career fair: have copies of your resume handy, research companies before meeting them, be direct and confident when introducing yourself and speaking with potential employers. But when so much of a career fair relies on personal interaction with potential employers, who could hold your future in their hands, one of the most important things to do is spend time preparing your outfit for the first impression. 

Professionalism is not only important when speaking with employers, but crucial in order for those in the "real world" to take you seriously as a potential future employee. One of the first things that employers will notice is your ability to appear professional on the outside, and it's also something they will remember about you. Being polished, well composed and appropriate should be the goal. Here are a few outfit options for the upcoming Career Fair, so you're guaranteed to look distinguished, put together, and professional. 

This dress is modest and appropriate, but very form fitted and compliments the woman's shape nicely. Notice, the dress is knee length, but still shows her legs wonderfully. The heels are a great touch, as long as you can walk in them flawlessly, if they're patent leather they should be polished and free of scuffs, and match the outfit. Sleeveless is fine, and often quite flattering, so long as it's appropriate. Stay away from spaghetti straps and excessively tight dresses - save those for the weekend!

If you choose to wear pants, which is a great choice given the current temperatures, they should be tailored to your body - sewn hems, held up at your waist or above your hips on their own or with a belt (which is a great way to accessorize). Business pants should always, ALWAYS be ironed, with the pleats evident when being worn. Ironing is hard though, so refer to this tutorial, if needed!

Nail polish is an excellent way to add a splash of color to any outfit, especially a business professional outfit. The most important part of having your nails painted, is making sure they look clean and polished. A chipped manicure conveys that the recruiters you're meeting with don't matter enough for you to pay attention to details. (Good excuse to pamper yourself to a manicure, am I right?)

Spend some time the night before practicing your introduction, researching the companies, and picking out the perfect outfit to impress the recruiters! Be sure to RSVP on TigerTracks, too!

HCXO and Good Luck!